Shin Splint definition and outline of remedies

The term Shin Splints covers a variety of pain that occurs in the distal two-thirds of the tibia and results from repetitive micro-trauma of the tibialis anterior and/or surrounding soft tissue. Small tears can also result in the periosteum - the sheath that covers the outer tibia.

Muscles in the anterior compartment swell from sudden overuse with the resulting edema and inflammation reducing blood flow to the muscle. This web site looks at ways to reduce the damage and then seek to treat the surrounding soft tissue problems in the anterior compartment in runners.

We hope you find the information on this site helpful in managing your shin splints and training smartly. Information is made available on this site and via email opt in. The PDF version of the shin splint cure that contains the full treatment plan is also available to order and is now in the 3rd edition.

The shin splint cure is made up of the following 5 steps - information and updates on each of the steps will be made available shortly.

Step 1: Totally eliminate the stressing activity and gauge how advanced the problem is. Immobilize the area so an acute condition does not become worse.

Step 2: Deal with any inflammation or swelling that may be present

Step 3: Apply advanced muscle techniques and M.E.T's to treat and lengthen the soft tissue. Actual muscle imbalance is so often overlooked in this condition. The purpose of this site is to get you doing this step - self treatment of the lower leg from a remedial massage perspective.

Step 4: Re-strengthen and re-build the area for balance. Be sure the bio-mechanics are sound

Step 5: More intelligent training and monitoring are required as you build back up to peak conditioning.

Find out More about how Bodywork Techniques, Posture Balancing and Running Mechanics Can Help Treat Shin Splints

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